How Do I Prepare For An Estimate Appointment?

So you've called and set up an estimate, and the next step is the meeting with our specialist. We've come up with a few steps to help you prepare for the meeting:

  • This appointment can take up to two hours, based on the time to conduct a heat loss survey, answer your questions and explain the different components of the installation process. We block out time for all of our estimate appointments, and for your benefit we would ask for you to plan for that as well.
  • Our Specialist will be conducting heat loss survey which includes measuring the walls, windows and doors of the home, as well as a visual inspection of duct work and registers. We may need access to every room in the house.
  • The Specialist will need cleared access around the existing furnace to measure and find out what material is going to be needed for the repair.
  • As you think of questions from now to your appointment, jot them down. We want to make sure that you are well informed and all of your questions are answered. However if you still have questions once you leave, you can always feel free to call us and fire away.
  • Thank you for choosing Fairfield Heating and Air Conditioning, we'll see you soon and we hope to keep seeing you through our top of the line service department for many years to come.
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How Do I prepare For a Service Call?

To assist us over the phone, be prepared to answer questions about what the settings are on the thermostat and explain the noises and other things that may help us diagnose the problem. The more details you can offer the better we can serve you.

Do not turn off the furnace unless advised by our service dispatchers. Turning off the furnace can reset it, which can make it harder for our service technicians to correctly diagnose the problem, especially if it is an intermittent problem.

Our Service technicians will quote all of the necessary/recommended repairs so please make sure that we will be able to be in contact with a homeowner to get approval for the work to be completed.

Even if we are just conducting work on the outdoor unit, our technicians will need access to both the downstairs furnace and the thermostat to properly diagnose and/or clean the unit.

A cleared work space will help our service technicians work more efficiently, if possible please clear away any obstacles that my prevent access to the equipment.